Proofreading and checking

Have your final work checked. It’s worth it!

No one is born as an expert on everything. So it is clear that grammar or stylistics are not all in the left back.

If you deal with the content of your final thesis, but not with its formal page, have it checked. This will avoid an unpleasant assessment that does not deserve your expertise or effort.

There are many possibilities

You can have a bachelor’s or master’s thesis checked in several ways. It is appropriate to combine the variants and not rely solely on one of them. Of course, this does not apply to professional proofreading, which should reveal all the mistakes from the rough to the smallest typos.

Automatic check in text document

For example, automatic check in Word is fine, but it can’t handle everything. Therefore, take it with reserve. It will help you capture nasty typos and some roughs. However, there is still a high probability that some similar shortcomings will still be left after an automatic work check.

Self control work

Once you have completed the entire work and made an automatic check, go to your own check. Read the work thoroughly and several times. Focus mainly on the grammar of the text and try to uncover hidden defects in the beauty of the thesis.

Feedback from family and friends

Feedback always comes in handy. Send your work to a willing friend or parents who will definitely get the job and read the whole text. But don’t worry, friends and family will definitely not condemn you for its shortcomings. However, take your comments to your heart and then edit your work. Also, ask them to check the grammar. More eyes just see more.

Professional proofreading

Some students do not leave anything to chance and rather ask for a professional review of the final work of a language proofreader who should debug any shortcomings. With this linguistic correction, they then give their work in a calm conscience that they have not neglected anything.

If you also choose a proofreading language, it is important to select the correct proofreader.

Entrust us with proof of your final thesis

On our website you can also order professional language proofreading in addition to processing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Our experts have rich experience and appropriate education. Your work with them will definitely be in good hands.

As part of our services, you can also use the opportunity to consult the content of your final thesis with one of our experts. However, you should not underestimate the regular meetings with your trainer, who will direct you and generally help with the processing of your topic. Above all, they will see that you are interested in the job, which of course will be reflected in the final report.


We do not only grammatical proofreading, but also stylistic and typographic. Moreover, we always provide our clients with an individual approach.

Just enter a non-binding order and you will usually receive a quotation within a few hours. Subsequently, we will fine-tune some details and agree on a specific order. Then you can only look forward to your precise and flawless final work, which you will give with a smile.

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