What will be good for writing your final thesis?

Our Portal is a national register of final works, which is used to detect plagiarism. The author and operator of this system is University. However, it is open to all universities, including foreign ones.

It allows the representatives of individual schools to submit their final theses and search for copies between them. At the same time, it is a well-arranged repository of master’s and bachelor’s theses, which are often used by students when choosing a topic or finding inspiration.

5 ways to use our portal

The records of individual works are accessible to the public (including students) and, in most cases, their full texts. Thus, students can search for and obtain the necessary information for their own final work. But what does the portal do for you?

1) Choosing the right topic

The choice of final thesis topic is often the first and most important step. Sometimes students choose from the proposed topics, sometimes they have the option of choosing their consultant and agreeing on a final thesis together.

In the latter case, the portal will help you. Above all, you should avoid recurring topics. In general, however, the theoretical part may be on the same subject, but the practical one should be different.

If you have an idea of ​​what your work should do, you will enter the appropriate keywords on the portal and search for similar jobs. You will then modify the topic of your work or change its practical part.

2) Getting an idea of ​​how the work should look

On our website you can also search for final theses according to a particular school, a particular field or year of processing. You can easily find similar jobs from your industry and see if yours really contains everything it has.

3) Finding other literary sources

If you are already at the end of the literary sources, also visit this portal. You will find work on a similar topic here and look at what their authors drew from. Maybe you will find some new article or other source of relevant information for your final work.

4) Getting new inspiration

When writing your final thesis, you will most likely be inspired from time to time. Once again, the portal will help you find work that relates to your topic and look at their work. Maybe you will find out which paragraph you could add or which table to elaborate. But avoid copying, this system will then reveal every plagiarism!

5) Self control of plagiarism

The final check on plagiarism works well if you are not sure if you have drawn too much from literary sources. For this purpose, the affiliated portal is used for this purpose.

Searching for similar texts is carried out within a shared database of bachelor’s and master’s theses on our website and seminars or other works. Furthermore, scientific publications and other documents are examined. An algorithm that examines the possible match of resources across the Internet is also used to compare work.

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